The Profile of the Journal:

The Journal is divided into three permanent sections:

  1. Studies and articles (contains original field studies, individual or collective research results, criticism articles and actuality essays, correspondent to the announced theme of each issue) (minimum 8 articles).
  2. Creations, Interviews, Miscellaneous (may comprise interviews conducted with prominent personalities in the field of performing arts, as well as novel full-text or fragments of dramatic writings, original screenplays, specialized translations, evocations and essays).
  3. Performance, Film or Book Reviews (contains reviews of performances or films which premiered within a maximum of one year prior to the submission of the article, reviews of books published within a maximum of two years prior to the submission of the article) (minimum 2 reviews).


Call for Papers -

Please see section Publication Requirements.
For details concerning the process of formating and sending the manuscript, please visit  the Instructions for Authors section.

When citing the Journal, please use the abbreviation: Studia UBB Dramatica.
Please quote the articles in the following format: "author (authors), year, title, Studia UBB Dramatica issue/ number, pages, DOI".



We are pleased to inform you that starting with number 1/ 2015, Studia UBB Dramatica issues have the status of ‘Open Access’. As an Open Access journal, Studia UBB Dramatica does not charge readers or their institutions for access (read, download, copy, distribute, print for research use, search, or linkto the full texts of articles).

Each issue Studia UBB Dramatica published (table of contents, summary, keywords) can be found in section Full-text Open Access.

For issues older than 2015, go to Archive [numbers, contents, summaries, download pdf].