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Authors:  KUN MÁRIA.
  Abstract:  The World of Miracles. In the 21st century with many desires and chasing them in may ways, we often forget that we live in the world of miracles. We do not listen, and do not register them, or we do not dare to call them miracles. There are miracles even today. Actually our life is a miracle. When talking about the world of miracles sooner or later we get to fairy tales. We must bear in mind and must not forget, that the world of miracles cannot be limited to fairy tales. They are living realities. What about fairy tales? There are some people who group them with religious and/or children tales such as „Talmud, Bible, Qumran, The Tales of the Thousand and One Nights, Kama Sutra, Iliad and Odyssey, The Golden Ass, The Legend of the Wonderful Deer, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, The Seventyseven Hungarian Folk Tales, The Great Wizard of Oz, The Little Bear, The Little Prince and so on…”48 Anyone familiar with the Scripture knows that the stories in it are not fairy tales, even if they do have mythical, tale-like elements. We know that „the Jewish tale has a very long past. Its earliest pieces can be found it the Old Testament (such as the Tales of Jotham in the Book of Judges). The Talmud put together on ancient times contains many tales and paradigms.” It is useful to devote some thoughts about the significance and meaning of the tales. Are we able to tell tales, can we tell tales while list ening to each other? It will come out that we are not talking only about ancient tales, but also about things, which concern our lives. Of course, while doing this, we have to be cautious not to shape them according to our adult ways of thinking, because we can spoil the point of the story. Summing up we can say that we have to get identified with the thought that „the deepest realities of the world come from tales, from their magical power. It is wonderful that this power is the most real that exists in the world. This power draws us even today towards realities, if we listen, take the thoughts and imagination seriously.  
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