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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Issue no. 2 / 2010  

Authors:  DOREL MAN.
  Abstract:  Founded on Revelation, Orthodox doctrine provide a place of honor our Lady, Which we over-worshiped. This teaching of teotokia, is part of our faith, of our life. The Son of the Man was borne, in supernatural way, in time of the Virgin Mary, Who accepted to be the bride of Holy Spirit and to born the God-Man in the flesh in Her body and blood. God took on the human nature and was born to Virgin Mary. In her humanity meet divinity and She become a bridge between created and uncreated. The Teotokia of Virgin Mary is the consequence of the hypostatic union of two natures in the hypostasis of the Logos. The denial of this title is to call into question the unity of the Person of Jesus Christ and means the denial of the divinity of Christ.

Key-words: Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Teotokia, hypostatic union, supernatural born, God-Man
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