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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Issue no. 1-2 / 2002  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  Transparency of Christ in Christian Life. In communion with the Resurrected and Spirit sending Christ, through His Rising to heaven, mankind participates in the eternal life, which is not simply life after death but life with God. And in this respect it starts already here on earth within the present existence as training for the participation in the wholeness of the divine life. Our resurrection either as spiritual anticipation or as total fulfillment is the sign of the defect of evil, which generated suffering and death. Through the Holy Spirit in the word of the Bible, that is in the wholeness of the Truth, and through the Holy Sacraments founded by Christ and performed in the Church we, the Christians, have the radiant presence of the crossed and resurrected Christ among us, here and now.  
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