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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA ORTHODOXA - Issue no. 1 / 2010  

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  Abstract:  Church is Christ’s extension in the social (Eph 1:23). The concept of Church is the most closely related to the saving work of the Incarnate Son of God, and the faith in the Church is nothing else that the corollary of the faith in Christ as true God and true man. Even on earth the Church lives a life no earthly, human, but a divine and gracefully one, because it is the sacrament of God''s Kingdom. Being not founded by human will, the Church has no a human purpose. It is an epiphany of divine will of salvation is not secondary to the plan of salvation, but is located directly in the Trinitarian plan of salvation. The Church has a complex issue, even paradoxically, is both: divine and human, eternal and temporal, historical and overhistoric, seen and unseen, it is achieving historical way of Trinitarian life.

Keywords: Church, divin-human, communion, organ of salvation, institutional, social-spiritual
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