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    STUDIA THEOLOGIA CATHOLICA - Issue no. 4 / 2008  

  Abstract:  The necessity of Laws in the human Development Process. In my paper I chose to describe the necessity of laws in the human development process. I tried in a few lines to offer a minimal perspective about social, psychological and theological laws, and I also tried to describe their purposes. The laws are given for human best, but each one has her own aim. The psychological law has to watch about our mind, how to be aware with our thoughts, it helps us not to be wool-gathered in dark and distructive thoughts, but also, it helps to manage our stress, anger and daily worries by generatic positive energy in those crisis or bad moments. Also, the psychological law has in view our personal and intern development, our ability of gathering new strenghts and handle stressful situation. The social laws aims at our social development, our capacity of integration in a group or even society, our strenght to respect the society”s values, principles, rules and moral system. Finally, the theological law has a deeper character. It’s more like an inside building and development, but this kind of law overtakes the soul, the most sensitive part of a human being. They say our heart is emotions center. Therefore, these laws helps people to grow up, but in a spiritual manner. I tried to demonstrate how these laws can be applied in our daily lives by giving for example an overprotected child`s situation and a child who took over his parents duties. I also pointed out the christian perspective and described 3 of the most important aspects from this spiritual growing process – forgivness, humility and prayer. They consider thse 3 aspect being the first steps of the spiritual and psychological perfection.

KEY WORDS: Laws, human Development, spiritual perfection, psychological perfection, character.
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