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    STUDIA PSYCHOLOGIA-PAEDAGOGIA - Issue no. 2 / 2012  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  One of the problems facing more and more teachers, students and parents of students in learning during primary school are the difficulties which appear as obstacles in the learning activities which can prevent the student to achieve at the same school the other peers (the same age, intellectual level) without any a defect or disability visible and recognizable. In many cases these obstacles are due to not developing or disharmony development of instrumental functions, of which the most important seem to be: visual and acoustic perception, visual attention and the acoustic, visual memory and verbal-acoustic perception serial encoding intermodal motility verbal, visual-motor coordination and spatial-temporal orientation. This paper aims at demonstrating how instrumental that features students with learning disabilities can be developed using a program that is based Sindelar method, but was adapted to the requirements of the Romanian education system.

Keywords: learning difficulties, instrumental functions, development
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