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    STUDIA PHYSICA - Issue no. SPECIAL ISSUE / 2001  

Authors:  D. AXENTE.
  Abstract:  The exchange rate law experimentally observed for 15N/14N exchange in NO - HNO3 system at low nitric acid concentration, both at atmospheric pressure [1] and at low pressure of NO [2]: R = k[H+][NO3-][HNO2], is identical with the rate law for the reaction between NO and HNO3, when HNO2 is formed. The rate of nitrogen isotope exchange between NO and HNO3 has been measured as a function of nitric acid concentration of 1.5  4 M.l-1. The exchange rate law is shown to be R = k[HNO3]2[N2O3] and the measured activation energy is E = 67.78 kJ.M-1 [3]. It is concluded that N2O3 participates in 15N/14N exchange between NO and HNO3 at nitric acid concentration higher than 1.5 M.l-1.  
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