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    STUDIA PHYSICA - Issue no. 2 / 2009  

Authors:  G. MOCANU, B. ORZA, A. MARCU.
  Abstract:  In this paper we studied the effect of interactions of EIT waves (global waves observed in the solar corona in the extreme ultraviolet band filter) with gravitationally stratified coronal loops, considering a particular analytical form for the density variation along the loop. We investigated how the transverse and longitudinal generated oscillations depend on the nature of the EIT wave and the parameters characterizing the coronal loop. The coronal loop was approximated with a straight magnetic flux tube with fixed ends and the EIT wave with a pulse in space. The medium inside the magnetic flux tube was described by a cosecant profile of the density. The basic mathematical tool used was linear MHD. Both analytical and graphical results show a strong connection between EIT periods and normal modes of oscillations of the flux tube. HeunC functions appear as ingredients for describing both the longitudinal and transversal oscillations. The amplitudes of these oscillations depend both on the energy of the incident wave as well as on the gravitational constant.

Keywords: EIT waves, MHD equations, coronal loops
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