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    STUDIA PHYSICA - Issue no. 1 / 2014  

Authors:  A. MARCU.
  Abstract:  In this paper we have studied the interiors of the neutron stars KS1731-260 and EXO 1745 248, comparing the models of Marcu & Ballai, 1994 and Pant, 2011 and applying them to the observational data of Guver et al, 2009 and 2011. The stars are treated in the approximation of static, spherically symmetric balls of electrically-neutral perfect fluid. We have calculated and plotted the pressure, density, adiabatic sound speed, gravitational acceleration and gravitational potential for each model and star and interpreted the results. Comparing with the model of Tolman, 1939, we have found anomalous behaviors of the gravitational acceleration and potential in the central regions of the stars, attributed to the mathematical assumption of infinite central density in the studied models.

Keywords: General Relativity, neutron stars, perfect fluids
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