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    STUDIA PHYSICA - Issue no. 1 / 2007  

  Abstract:  Modern high performance magnets are based on nanocrystalline materials. The excellent magnetic properties of these materials are determined by a specific chemical and phase composition and, to a great extent, by a particular nanometer-scale (crystallite sizes in the range of 101 - 102 nm) microstructure. Therefore, one on the most important stages for the development and optimisation of nanocrystalline magnetic materials is the study of the structure as well as the understanding of the phase formation mechanisms in these materials. Here, preparation and characterisation of magnetic bulk nanocrystalline materials is reviewed (for the preparation of film systems see e.g. the presentations by N. M. Dempsey, J. Bachmann). Principle synthesis methods including mechanical ball milling, melt spinning and hydrogen-assisted processing are applied to R-Fe-B (R = Nd, Pr) and Fe Pt alloys with the aim to produce permanent magnets with a high remanence and high coercivity. The use of x-ray diffraction for the study of the structure as well as advanced microstructure imaging techniques is discussed. Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is applied for the study of phase transformations and for the analysis of the thermal properties of the materials.  
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