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    STUDIA PHILOLOGIA - Issue no. 4 / 2000  

  Abstract:  In an article published earlier (Studia, 2, 2000) we showed that - for the literary critics the story of the main character in I. L. Caragiales Two Lottery Tickets is reduced to the happening of buying two lottery tickets that, eventually, prove to have the winning numbers, but the number of one is the winning number in the other lottery, and the other way round. Operating with concepts like textual truth, authorial instance, narrative sequence, authorial sequence, we isolated, in the previous article, some parts of the text in order to show that, in the first part of the story, the author indicates as valid the concordance between numbers and lotteries, which shows Lefter as the genuine winner. We were interested by the mechanisms of authentification and those of ambiguisation, we interpreted the sequences where Lefter is a winner in accordance with the truth of the authorial interventions, with a view to discovering a logic of ambiguisation. In this article we analyse this logic of ambiguisation, which explains Lefters misfortune. We interpret the lexical elements which bring into stronger relief the role played by the number in generating textual ambiguity.  
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