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    STUDIA OECONOMICA - Issue no. 1 / 2010  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  After a calm which lasted more than two decades, a reflection is led by authorities to introduce a development policy to catch up the lost time and position the Algerian industry in structurants segments and with great potential of growth. It is about the application of a real strategy of industrial restructuring which privileges the use in common competence and favours especially the innovation. In the main of the preoccupations, we find well obviously the growth, the competitiveness and the attractiveness. So, authorities decided to react to the phenomenon of deindustrialization which made fallen the part of the industry in the GDP from 15 % to 3 %. It is necessary to agree that in front of national and international alterations Algeria which has considerable trump cards let make by contenting itself of outside without reciprocity. The new strategy is similar in fact to a new development policy which bases enter on the poles of competitiveness, spinal column of this strategy. The promotion of the poles of competitiveness which is the French declension of "clusters" or technological clusters gains(wins) all the countries and stands out as new model of economic development. The analysis of the conditions of success implies to hold(retain) the necessity of a commitment in the sectors of high technology and the necessary local link(coming together) between the worlds of the knowledge, the search(research) and the companies. These cooperations are centred on the exchanges and the mutualization of the experiences of the knowledge: research, training, advices and material, human resources and infrastructures on the basis of a voluntary and joint action of the actors who are the main regulators.

JEL Classification: E22, E23, E61

Keywords: developement strategy; Algeria
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