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    STUDIA OECONOMICA - Issue no. 1 / 2005  

Authors:  FĂNUŢA POP.
  Abstract:  The Methodology of Analysis for the Nonquality Products. An important category of quality costs are non-quality (the costs caused by lack of quality) or the costs of defaults, which reflect, in fact, the material and non-material losses due to re-manufacturing, re-conditioning or re-buting the products which do not meet the clients requirements, the other costs (for identification and evaluation) being considered investments which are necessary in order to obtain a better quality. The analysis of non-quality emphasizes these aspects which are not favourable for the entreprise, through some specific indicators (the total cost of de-classified products, the losses from inferior qualities, the total cost of rebutes, the amount of losses from rebutes in total production costs etc.).  
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