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    STUDIA NEGOTIA - Issue no. 4 / 2023  

DOI: 10.24193/subbnegotia.2023.4.04
Article history: Received: September 18, 2023; Reviewed: October 11, 2023; Accepted: November 13, 2023; Available online: December 20, 2023; Available print: December 30, 2023
pp. 97-119



New technologies have generated profound changes in the conduct of economic and individual activities; companies from all industries were forced to adapt to the multiple solutions, tools, technologies and devices made available to individuals by the IT&C industry; the need to adopt new technologies by companies, generated multiple implications, challenges, but also offered multiple development opportunities for them; digitization, digitalization and finally the digital transformation of companies, has proven to become a necessity for any company, in order to gain a sustainable competitive advantage; in this context, this article studies aspects related to digital transformation, from one of the industries that are the biggest adopters of new technologies, namely, that of tourism; more precisely, were explored the state, adopted solutions, encountered problems and future plans of the Romanian online tourism agencies, in their transition towards a digital transformation; results obtained from the conducted study, can constitute a valuable input both for companies in tourism and in the IT&C industry, as well as for conducting other comparative or more complex studies.

Keywords: digital transformation, digitization, digitalization, tourism, online travel agencies

JEL Classification: L86, M15
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