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    STUDIA MUSICA - Issue no. 2 / 2012  

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This study investigates implementation of new technologies in vocal assessment pertaining to university degree artistic education. One of our objectives represents the collection of information regarding changes occurring in singing voice as a result of professional training. This approach fully validates recent research in the field, proving that vocal training has a significant effect on human voice, and close follow-up of the subsequent development brings numerous benefits for both young singers and teachers.A relevant advantage of ICT use is represented by the precision in following-up of the vocal development process, creating also the possibility of organizing custom diagrams regarding the progress of vocal parameters. So, computerized means open up new perspectives and opportunities, becoming a way of objectifying musical and artistic performance. Another important factor is the possibility of early tracing of a possible wrong development of the voice and thus, preventing it in time. This study presents a comparative table based tracking of vocal evolution on some voice students from singing department of  "G. Dima" Music Academy from Cluj-Napoca. Data presented here was processed through ICT means.

Keywords: computer software, sound, spectrogram, formants, pitch, intensity, vocal parameters, acoustic analysis.

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