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    STUDIA IURISPRUDENTIA - Issue no. 2 / 2015  

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  Abstract:   As world changes, law enforcement forces have to face new challenges. One of these new challenges is obviously the scope of crimes, committed in digital space. We frequently come across with crimes, which neither have a scene, nor a witness, moreover, the personification of the delinquent is most likely an IP address. It is very hard, almost impossible to proceed an investigation with the devices of the classical criminalistics, regarding the deficiencies of the above mentioned criteria, therefore, criminalistics has to be refreshed, and the paradigm change is inevitable. Although, the process of such paradigm change started in the 90-ies, its improvement is rather slow, and criminalistics, in its present state, is unable to react properly for the emerging problems. Being aware of such axioms, I reckon, that time has come to encounter such crimes on the basis of the same principles, even worldwide. The objective of the present study is to introduce the problems, and to launch such a common sequence of ideas, which might contribute to the unified effort against the delinquents and the criminal organizations as well.

Keywords: law enforcement, computer criminality,internet related crimes,cyber-space.
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