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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. Sp. Issue 2 / 2014  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:   Assessing the relevance of concepts extracted from data is an important step in the knowledge discovery process. We address this issue in a speci fic outfi t, i.e., the discovery of new ontological abstractions by relational concept analysis (RCA). In the context of RCA-based ontology restructuring, potentially relevant abstractions must be recognized among the formal concepts of the output lattice before integrating them into there structured ontology. Thus, a key technical challenge is the design of e ffective relevance-based fi ltering methods. In our study, we examined a variety of relevance measures. Here, we focus on concept stability and discuss its usefulness in the light of the outcome from an experimental study involving several ontologies retrieved from the Web.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classi fication. 03G10, 68T30.1998 CR Categories and Descriptors. I.2.4 [Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods]: Representations.

Key words and phrases. Filtering, Relevance evaluation, Concept stability, Ontology restructuring.
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