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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. Sp. Issue 1 / 2014  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:   In this paper we show a fast and efficient algorithm for cut and split a triangular mesh by a plane, and fully reconstruct the cutting surface. After the cut some of new triangular meshes will be created at the same format as the input mesh. Our approach is not to use complex data structures, just a vertex stream and an index stream keeping the algorithm simple, and ensuring the wide range of usability. We suggest a model for describe the boundary of a solid mesh to obtain advantages as a consequence of geometric topology. If we suppose the streams satisfy some reasonable restrictions, we fi nd our algorithm has linear time complexity including the precomputation, splitting section, reconstruction and the decomposition.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classi fication. 68U05.1998 CR Categories and Descriptors. I.3.5. [Computing Methodologies]: ComputerGraphics - Computational Geometry and Object Modeling.

Key words and phrases. mesh splitting, mesh slicing, topological reconstruction.90
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