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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. Sp. Issue 1 / 2014  

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  Abstract:   A 4D reconstruction studio is an intelligent environment that enables 3D modelling of moving actors and deformable objects. The visual quality of the fi nal 3D model, in terms of both geometry and texture, is greatly influenced by the precision and accuracy of the segmented foreground object. This paper extends our previous work on the image segmentation methods developed for the 4D studio at MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, Hungary. The studio uses a three-step approach for extracting the foreground silhouette: (i) background subtraction using spherical coordinates, (ii) foreground post-processing using a colour fi ltering approach based on the background colour, (iii) detection and removal of casted shadows. We give an overview of these techniques and perform a comparativ eevaluation in terms of both quantitative measures and qualitative analysis.We discuss our results in various imaging conditions, such as illumination variations.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classi cation. 68U10, 68U05.1998 CR Categories and Descriptors. I.4.6 [Computing methodologies]: Image Processing and Computer Vision {Segmentation; I.3.7 [Computing methodologies]: Computer graphics {Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism.

Key words and phrases. 4D studio, image segmentation, background subtraction, shadow detection.
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