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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 4 / 2013  

  Abstract:   In the last years, the volume of data (text, image or multimedia) has grown exponentially. In this context, the information retrieval task has become more and more difficult. This paper aims to present an application that performs image retrieval based on Flickr network image collection. After the user fills in the query, the system is responsible with (1) query processing, (2) image retrieval and (3) results displaying. Before retrieving the results, the system clusters the images based on several criterions and shows to the user one representative image for every cluster it creates. In this way, the results displayed to the user are diverse and he still has the possibility to view all the images from a cluster, when clicking on the representative image. The system achieves diversity in two ways: (i) at query processing, when the user adds from WordNet the lexical family corresponding to query keywords, and (ii) when the results are displayed and the clusters are created.

Key words and phrases. Image Retrieval, Diversification
2010 Mathematics Subject Classification. 68T50, 68P20, 91F20.
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