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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 4 / 2012  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  Knowledge management systems are used in most of the large companies and institutions throughout the world. Currently, most of them are not designed to adapt to the dynamic changes of the surrounding environment. Intelligent plugins can be integrated in these systems in order to increase their reactivity and adaptability. In the present paper, we describe an intelligent plugin for a knowledge management system (KMS) used for managing the PhD theses in the Babes-Bolyai University. The KMS which uses our plugin is called Doctorate Theses Administration Platform (DTAP) [9, 10]. Our plugin uses an intelligent agent in order to help users go through all the required steps of handling a thesis. The behaviour of the application changes dynamically based on the interaction with the users. Results show that both the time needed to manage the theses and number of encountered errors were reduced considerably after the integration of the above mentioned components.

Key words and phrases. knowledge management system, education, reinforcement learning, templating system.
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