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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 4 / 2012  

  Abstract:  A scheduling problem is organizing in time a set of activities, so as to satisfy a set of constraints and optimize the result. The temporal constraint modifies the project scheduling, therefore in loses its characteristics. Our objective is to solve this problem by finding the various types of temporal constraints then modeling them by using graphs. Furthermore we apply a technique for transforming an AoN graph (Activities on Nodes) which is unique and contains a significant number of arcs. This graph is not preferred by practitioners of project management. We transform the AoN graph into an AoA graph (Activities on Arcs) which contains fewer arcs and is preferred by practitioners of project management. In this paper we present some concepts of line graphs and an illustrative example of the proposed method.

Key words and phrases. AoA network, AoN network, PERT network, Project scheduling, Temporal constraint.
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