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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 4 / 2011  

Authors:  DAN SUCIU.

In the current context of profound involvement of technology in different areas of science, our research approaches the medical field, aiming to help the physical recovery process of people having a temporary handicap at the upper limb.The result of our research is a software application called MIRA (Medical Interactive Recovery Assistant) that uses the Microsoft Kinect sensor, which, having an RGB camera, an IR camera and a depth sensor, makes possible the detection of the arm and its movement relative to the body.The application comes in the help of doctors, who receive important statistics and data about the performance of the patients during the exercises and games. Furthermore, receiving accurate data about the moves, the patients do not need to be supervised by a medical professional at all times, as the correctness of the exercises are verified automatically.

Key words and phrases. medical software, physical recovery, games, Kinect.

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