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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 2 / 2000  

  Abstract:  Nondeterminism is useful in two ways. First, it is employed to derive simple and general programs, where the simplicity is achieved by avoid- ing unnecessary determinism; such programs can be optimized by limiting the nondeterminism. Second, some systems are inherently nondeterministic; programs that represent such systems have to employ some nondeterministic construct. Nondeterministic programs can be mapped more easier on parallel machine, since parallelism brings some nondeterminism by itself. In this article, some nondeterministic programs are constructed, using the UNITY notation. The correctness of the algorithms is proven, and some possible mappings are discussed. The programs implement some numerical methods: Gauss elimination, inverse of a matrix using Gauss-Jordan steps; it is discussed how the last one can be used for computation of the rank of a matrix, for linear system solving, and for Simplex algorithm.  
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