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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 2 / 1999  

  Abstract:  This paper presents a method for setting up a CVBEM for some mixed boundary value problem joined to the Laplace equation, in plane sim- ply conected domains. The considered boundary value problems are met in modelling of different fluid flows as well as in microelectronics, design of electrical machines, magnetohydrodynamics, etc. The existence and the uniqueness of the classical solutions of the bound- ary value problems envisaged in this paper have been studied long time ago. Since then such studies have stopped at the analytical stage without em- phasizing efţicient convergent calculation algorithms, these theoretical results remained rather unusable to applied mathematics . That is why a convergent BEM which is the main purpose of our work, seems to be an useful tool for filling in the above mentioned gap. In the sequel we will foccuss on the Robin problem, an important modified Volterra problem following as an particular case. Some extension as well as some effective numerical approches of certain particular problems will be considered in the future.  
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