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    STUDIA HISTORIA - Issue no. 2 / 2013  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  My paper analyzes the Romanian communist nostalgia within the general framework of the country’s post-communist transition. This will be done in order to demonstrate that communist nostalgia is mainly the result of the profound transformations that the transition period brought into the lives of the people. Thus, it has little to do with the Romanians’ supposed wishes of reviving the communism or with their lack of support for the liberal democracy. In this respect, I will show how the communist past moved from the status of the most loathed experience in the national history to the one that triggered Romanians’ nostalgic feelings. The second part of my paper analyzes the commoditization of nostalgia for the communist past using the case of the advertising industry while the last one examines the results of opinion polls in order to highlight the nature of this nostalgia and also the sociological profile of a Romanian nostalgic.

Keywords: nostalgia, post-communism, Romania, Ceauşescu, transition, opinion polls

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