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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 2 / 2010  

Authors:  V. SURD, B. N. PĂCURAR.
  Abstract:  The Frontier – Defining the Urban Influence Area. In the following paper, we will take on the difficult issue of systemic relations between the concept of „frontier”, viewed as an expansionary phenomenon, and the city. More exactly, what we intend to accomplish is to take the theoretical background of the frontier and its phenomena, as put forward by Frederick J. Turner, the American sociologist and historian who coined the concept, R.A. Billington, W.J. Eccles, R.V. Hine, I. Bădescu, D. Dungaciu, C. Degeratu, R. Săgeată and A. Cuşco, and project it into/onto the definition of the urban area of influence due to the fact that we consider the frontier and especially the “European (Euro-Atlantic) frontier” to be the fundamental element, the main pillar in defining the city and its area of influence. The European frontier started as an intricate network of urban centres that had the ability to dominate vast rural areas (peasants) and became „the sum of all expansion processes of the urban-capitalist world in large rural areas” (I. Bădescu, 1995). Therefore, throughout the paper, we will stress the ways in which this concept manifests itself upon the city, how its areas of influence are created by the frontier through different manners and the permanent deterministic relations that still are and always will be between the frontier and the city.

Key words: frontier, ethno-frontier, urban influence area, influence generator, influence vector, urban function, confrontational space, systems of thought, logistical groups, elites, geopolitics, localization, nomenclature, integrated protection system, spirit of place. 

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