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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 2 / 2005  

Authors:  L. BUCUR.
  Abstract:  The Implementation of Mobile GIS. Application in Lands Use. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system operated by the US Department of Defense. The positioning accuracy of GPS ranges from ┬▒10m (using pseudoranges derived from code measurements) to a few mm, depending upon the type of receivers, type of surveying method and techniques in post-processing of data. The position computed is referenced to a mathematical ellipsoid, the WGS-84. The GPS system consists of three major segments viz., space segment, control segment and user segment. The first part of this paper cover the fundamental concepts of what GPS work followed by short presentation of Pocket PC. The land use application was based on Arc Pad software, which provides database access, mapping, and GIS and GPS integration to users out in the field via hand head and mobile device.  
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