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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 2 / 2001  

Authors:  J. BENEDEK, ŞT. DEZSI.
  Abstract:  The Rural Tourism from Romania between Desideratum and Reality. The present research highlights the main results of a larger study about the rural tourism from Romania. The first part of the study was published in Studia, Geographia, 1/2001 and approached theoretical aspects related to this new form of tourism. This paper presents the results of a field investigation taken through the technique of questionnaire applied directly, through operators upon a sample made of 195 households from 15 localities placed in 10 of the most representative geographical regions (characterized by the presence of many localities and households, which practice the rural tourism oficially). The questionnaire elaboration and the assessment of the field inquiry results was based upon the analysis of the following problems: presentation of the households� specific features that practise rural tourism (number of people on household, active persons in the household and the activity sectors, sex, age, education, occupation and the social mobility of the person working in rural tourism, endowment with telephone, car); effects of the contacts with abroad (visits, the role of different sources of information etc.); motivation of practising rural tourism from the perspective of the implied actors; way in which the actors appreciate their own level of life compared with that established at the level of country and its possible implications upon the tourism; way in which the households attract tourists, offered services (foreseen improvements) places for accomodation, practised prices; seasonality problem and of the touristic flow; incomes from tourism; character of tourism (inner, international) and the origin areas of tourists; degree of satisfaction/insatisfaction, reasons for dissatisfaction and the intention to continue or renounce rural tourism. Finally, the main conclusions have been drawn on the basis of field inquiry processing and assessment.  
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