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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2008  

Authors:  LELIA PAPP.
  Abstract:  The Educational Quality of Human Resources in the Urban Area of Cluj County. The assessment of the educational quality of human resources represents a key-factor in the elaboration of a viable development strategy. A society is more prosperous, its members enjoying a more superior quality of life, when it is aware that the formation and the capitalization of a high quality labour force and the creation of a performance-sustaining environment represent a priority. Having in mind this priority, for many high-developed countries, the massive investments in education and innovation are the strategic elements of their economy. As far as the educational quality of the human resources in the urban areas of Cluj county is concerned, the analysis of some indicators such as the literacy rate, the ratio of middle-qualified persons and the ratio of high-qualified persons out of the total population of 10 and over 10 years old, the number of students per 10 000 inhabitants, the number of researchers per 10 000 inhabitants, the number of persons who can speak a foreign language, the number of persons who can use the computer and the number of persons who have a driving-license, indicates the existence of important, but not sufficiently developed human resources. However, in spite of the fact that the educational capital is not enough adapted to the requests of the labour market, that there is an insufficient proportion of well-trained labour force and a low ratio of re(qualification) and training courses attendants, the educational quality of human resources is still one of the highest in the country, due to the important educational and scientific research functions of Cluj-Napoca.  
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