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    STUDIA GEOGRAPHIA - Issue no. 1 / 2002  

Authors:  C. CORPADE.
  Abstract:  Forest functions and differentiated management. This paper refers to some socio-economic and environmental functions of forest as well as the management aspects correlated with them. Considering man as the central component of the environment, we approached these functions as being based on the differentiated needs of human population. The capacity of an ecosystem to sustain a specific function depends on the characteristics of its individual dynamics. The compatibility between forest function on one hand, and the ecosystem characteristics, the intrinsec processes and the exogenous disturbances on the other hand should be the main aspect of sustainable forest management concepts. Possible incompatibilities cause either dysfunctions and ecosystem degradation or the need of corrective management interventions, which may exceed tolerable economic limits. The correlations between forest ecosystems dynamics and the man allocated functions would help forestry to successfully face the various environmental problems (the natural as well as the anthropical ones).  
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