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    STUDIA EUROPAEA - Issue no. 1 / 2001  

  Abstract:  I am greatly honored by the award of this doctoral degree, and very grateful for my association with Babes-Bolyai University. Occasions such as this forge links in the chains that bind the universities of the world together. These ties are surely among the most important and the most beneficial of international relationships. Whereas relations between commercial firms, and even those between national governments, are inevitably competitive, those between universities are not. It does not diminish the worth of one university if a scientific discovery is made at a neighboring university, or if a breakthrough in scholarship happens on another continent. A triumph for one university is a triumph for all. The universities of the world form a single cooperative commonwealth. In that way, they provide a model for a utopian global society. Exchanges between universities are one of the means by which the possibility of non-competitive relations between nations becomes evident, and by which utopian political hope is reinforced.  
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