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The importance of physical activity in old age has its reasons to be in two places: isolation off the elderly, enabling them to maintain or to acquire a good fit with the old fisica. Considerando that we encounter in many diseases, people are forced to take a large amount of drugs; play just "polypharmacy". Physical activity should be considered as an adjunct therapy, essential in everyday life.The aging process leads to a decrease in the ability to "performance" gymnastics fisica. La, considering the frequent loneliness and depression with which they are accustomed to living with the elderly, can and should be seen as a time of socialization and communication is essential. Often the creation of a training group is therefore a key element during physical activities that help to stimulate interest and sufficient emotional exchange in games for entertaining with a good collective spirit of animation, without engaging in significant physical activity. The elderly are considered private as a result of some changes in their business or their social role, such as when they become grandparents, or when, for the age you are forced to perform different and / or reduce the pace of work. We tend to believe that old age begins at age 65 because the workers begin to retire perceiving a social pension.

Keyword: physical activity in old age- depression -The aging process- quality of life- socialization and communication

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