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    STUDIA BIOETHICA - Issue no. 1-2 / 2016  

Authors:  MARIA ALUAȘ.
  Abstract:  Question 1: “What is, in your opinion, the definition of a bioethicist? What exactly does a bioethicist do in the South-America context?”

It is difficult to give a definition that in any way clarifies the identity of the bioethicist. However, it is possible to assert that the activity of the bioethicist has a philosophical nature. This is because the questions that a bioethicist asks about technosciences are philosophical in nature. These topics have to do with the meaning of the construction of human identity within the technological action. On the other hand, it is possible to point out two important characteristics. The first is that their work is expressed as critical conscience. What is this “critical conscience”? A critical conscience provides a clarification of a specific practical and theoretical content introduced by technosciences. This “conscience” also tries to understand the historical condition of contemporary man - regardless of its geographical location - and, from it, make value judgments. The second characteristic is relative to the method with which it works and which is expressed in an esprit de finesse. That is, in its ability to use language precisely and to make distinctions between notions.
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