Under this name, Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Geographia, which reached its 56th year of existence (since 1957), is published twice a year, in April and September, each issue having about 250 pages. As a consequence of the continuous improvement of the journal quality (also due to the presence of studies written by foreign authors) and because of the numerous international exchanges and its inclusion in international databases, the journal was accredited by the National University Research Council, and ranked within the B+ category.

Having this fact, and along with the whole staff of our faculty, we invite all geographers, colleagues from Romania and abroad that bring valuable scientific contributions to geography, to contribute to the publishing of the journal.

In which the conditions for publishing an article in this journal is concerned, we synthetically point out the following:

- studies submitted for publishing, which would be reviewed by the editorial board, as well as by the reviewers especially named in this respect, have to be written in one of the main foreign languages worldwide accepted (English, French, German), yet preferably English;
- the authors should exclusively guarantee for the content and translation into a foreign language of the studies submitted for publishing;

- in preparing a paper for submission to our journal, the editorial board provides the necessary instructions for editing, and it will be sent to solicitors from the following e-mail addresses:,