Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Geographia continues the journal entitled “Papers of the Cluj Institute of Geography” („Lucrările Institutului de Geografie din Cluj”), issued between 1922 and 1947. Very large and highly valued scientific studies were published in this journal by a number of Romanian and foreign geographers, including the famous French geographers Emm. de Martonne and Robert Ficheux.

As a publication of the Faculty of Geography of Cluj-Napoca, the journal valorize in the first place the results of the scientific activity of the faculty teaching staff (many research contracts, applied in regional development), as well as papers of other Romanian and foreign geographers.

The studies are published in Romanian and internationally spoken languages, since 2009 exclusively in English, French and German. They belong both to the field of Physical Geography and Human Geography and refer mostly to the Transylvanian territory. At the same time, the journal comprises papers which deal with a series of issues analyzed nationally and internationally. For this reason, the journal editors constantly encourage the external contributions.