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    STUDIA PSYCHOLOGIA-PAEDAGOGIA - Issue no. 1 / 2003  

  Abstract:  The present article approaches the complex topic of learning concepts as a condition of the teaching activity. We point out in this study the importance of the process of accurate realization of comprehension of the content and of the breadth of the notions, and also the continuity of the process of reflection on the possibilities of pedagogical intervention to ensure the optimal realization of higher order operations: abstractization, generalization, synthesis etc. Instruction centered on the learning of concepts must observe certain exigencies so that the manner of mechanical learning is avoided; to this end the most efficient strategies are based on deductions or inductions. It is extremely important to keep in mind in teaching the age at which students are able to operate with concepts that have no direct connection to the immediate reality. If the learning of concepts is forced on students before they reach the stage of development when they can think logically and abstractly the entire process of understanding can be upset and the student may be forced to merely memorize something that he cannot understand and to accumulate lax. The intellectual trajectory of such a student will not be the continuous one in which knowledge is connected naturally but a steep one in which learning occurs in leaps. By calling attention to the importance of learning and clarifying concepts, the article pleads for increased attention to be paid to this element that underlies the entire system of knowledge of the students.  
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