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    STUDIA PHILOSOPHIA - Issue no. 2 / 2012  

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  The paper aims at connecting work with freedom, because the main philosophical problem concerning work is whether it is a free activity or not. Consequently, I explore the level of concepts and theories about work and also the level of objective conditions or processes constituting work.The main goal and thesis is to demonstrate the ambiguity of both the concept of work and the idea of liberation from work, as well as the difficulty but, at the same time, the possibility of this liberation. From this standpoint, we should remember that neither the liberation at work is a continuous process at the present stage of world capitalism, nor the liberation from work would definitely exclude labour from the ontological constitution of man.

Keywords: work/labour, Marx, Arendt, freedom, multitude, modern industrial revolutions, engineered singularity, present-stage capitalism. 

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