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    STUDIA PHILOLOGIA - Issue no. 3 / 2010  
  Article:   1942: WOMEN WRITERS AT WAR.

Authors:  .
  Abstract:  With the beginning of the Pacific War in 1941, Japan seemed to be in full charge of its conquests and older colonies, Taiwan, Manchuria and Korea. Used as the premise for a comparison between writings of Korean and Japanese female writers, Ch’oe Chŏnghŭi`s Nogikushō (The Wild Chrysanthemum) is the main text analyzed in this article. The authors her work is compared with on the Japanese side are Sata Ineko, Hayashi Fumiko and Yoshiya Nobuko. The question the current article is trying to answer is why there are no good texts for comparison with Ch`oe`s work and offer a couple of hypotheses.

Keywords: Ch’oe Chŏnghŭi, Sata Ineko, Hayashi Fumiko, Yoshiya Nobuko, Feminism, Motherhood, Pacific War, Japanese imperialism, Colonial Korea.
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