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    STUDIA PHILOLOGIA - Issue no. 3 / 2008  
  Article:   FOREWORD.

  Abstract:  The focus of this special issue of Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, series: Philologia entitled ‘Translator Training for the Global Market’ is to elicit trends in translation training compatible with market requirements. Our intention is to unite the expertise gained by academics and professionals engaged in translation training and practice throughout Europe and to present an overview of relevant issues for comprehensive coverage of the subject area. The volume comprises three sections, namely (I) translator training, (II) translation market and (III) translation methodology, and includes studies conducted by contributors from Germany, Hungary, Spain, the U.K and Romania. Mid-Bologna higher education changes coupled with the expansion of the European translation market make for ample investigative ground. Thus, contributors tackle issues related to quality assurance in training, vocational vs. academic higher education requirements (or impositions), professional competence development, market trends, language-based problem elicitation (for French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian), IT and subtitling methodology. This volume is equally useful for academics, trainees and practising professionals worldwide. The inter-national, pan-European dimension is accounted for, with special emphasis laid on the Romanian translation context and the Romanian language in pair with other European languages. Consequently, for the Romanian context, where translation and interpreting studies are only now settling in, the value of this issue is paramount.  
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