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    STUDIA PHILOLOGIA - Issue no. 2 / 2008  

  Abstract:  Towards the cosmic Christ Mircea Eliade was a phenomenologist and historian of religions, a writer and a teacher, but first of all he was a man in search of the truth. His penetrating analyses, his illuminating essays, his creative hermeneutics, were part of a spiritual journey towards a Centre. He taught us to study history of religions as the most powerful among the modern means of asceticism, because he considered it as the only activity that can integrate in itself the whole range of approaches to the religious phenomenon, being at the same time prayer, spiritual experience, study, meditation, and gift of love to our neighbour. As symbols keep reshaping themselves over and over again, Eliade showed us that an appropriate interpretation of their deepest meaning gives evidence of the continuity of the experiences of the sacred, up to the last and most perfect of the hierophanies, Jesus Christ. Eliade states that, thanks to the science known as ‘history of religions’, we can now contemplate the adventure of human soul since its very beginning, reach a better understanding of realities we have to face, and formulate solutions at a planetary level. The whole of his work outlines a new dimension of Man himself, a most fascinating and taking experience of Faith, a Jesus Christ still in the making and capable of assembling in Himself all of the existing beauties and hidden treasures of all cultures, past and present. The Weltanschauung he elaborated is a far sighted concept that will take centuries to be correctly understood, and he can be considered the witness of the risen and more than ever alive Christ that the third millennium A.D. needed.

Key words: history of religions, asceticism, cosmic Christ 

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