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    STUDIA NEGOTIA - Issue no. 3 / 2011  

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  Abstract:  The organization management and the coordination of the processes that characterize the problem of enterprise relationships with its clients, especially under the pressure of a highly competitive market economy, require from the involved factors a good knowledge of the realities. Achieving such goals is conditioned by the in-depth knowledge of all the elements that characterize the organization and the processing of the of customer relationship issues. The present paper tries to analyze these aspects. Customer relationship Management or CRM acronym has recently entered into the language of professionals. The ''''90s marked the transition from transactional marketing to relationship marketing. The orientation focused on achieving a large number of short-term transactions began to be gradually replaced by the philosophy of promoting medium and long term relationships with all categories of persons, companies and institutions that have a direct or indirect interest in the organization (stakeholders). Naturally, the affirmation of relational marketing in both conceptual and operational relationships with customers led to reconsideration. Currently the position of CRM as a business strategy is strongly expressed point of view, not limited to one of organization''''s functions, namely the area of marketing.

Keywords: management, customer, strategy, SME, big corporate
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