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    STUDIA NEGOTIA - Issue no. 2 / 2010  
  Article:   A SMALL SIZE ENTERPRISE - EXAMPLE IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR - Small Construction Firms in Turkey -.


The existence of enterprises that can generate solutions and integrate with the problems and changing conditions are very important in today’s economic environment. The small and medium size enterprises (SME) that are competitive and that are symbolizing the contemporary entrepreneur enterprise model and that constitute the major part of the total enterprises and employment, gain great importance at this point. Small sized enterprises play an important role in the economical and social development of a country, as it is the case for Turkey. Being one of the leading sectors, building sector, where the labor-intensive technologies are used, is a very important sector with the role in creating employment and vitality in economy. In this paper, the proporties, problems and solution suggestions of the Small Sized Construction Firms that take place in AEC sector are studied.

Keywords: SMEs, Small Construction Firms (SCF), Architecture / Engineering / Construction (AEC)

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