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    STUDIA NEGOTIA - Issue no. 2 / 2002  

  Abstract:  The Touristic Demand of Saturn Resort – Mangalia. Tourism represents one of the options of spending spare time for rest, recreation, treatment and entertainment, and, as a specific aspect, the district of Constanta is the exploiting of Romanian seashore for tourist and medical purposes. The Romanian seacoast is the most important tourist area, where we find almost the half of the hotel capacity of Romania and almost 2/3 of the total accommodation offered to the international tourism. The Saturn spa, founded on the Romanian seashore, presents the same advantages and disadvantages as the others summers spas. Because of that, we have considered the problems valid for all spas. The problem of the Romanian seashore is represented by the seasonal character of tourist activity, demonstrated by: -low activity of season -unequal dispersion of the demand for tourist services in time, which involves a longer period of time to catch up for a large investment and long time employment. The solution, necessary and already applied by the Tourism Ministry, is the prolongation of the summer season with the months of May (first half), September (second half), and October. A few proposals to prolong the season: -difference of tariffs; -attraction of the populations from the area at the end of the week which claims few investments needed for spending spare time; -organization of fairs, exhibitions, meetings in the spa; -the creation of medical facilities, well equipped and with well qualified personnel, Another factor is the use of the seacoast qualities, for example the sapropilic mud, highly mineralized, and the Mangalia springs with sulfur, chlorinate, bicarbonate, soda, calyces and mezothermal-based water, and the existence of medical treatment base at Mangalia  
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