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    STUDIA IURISPRUDENTIA - Issue no. 3 / 2016  

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  Abstract:  The Preciput Clause – a Never Ending Controversy. Inspired by the French regulations, the preciput clause was introduced into the new civil Code with the art. 333. Spouses are free to sign before or during marriage a matrimonial agreement that certifies the possibility, for the surviving spouse, to claim possession prior to the split of inheritance of one or several mutually held goods, conjointly or in co-ownership, without having the obligation to pay their equivalent value. It results that the surviving spouse will certainly acquire some benefit. Furthermore, the preciput provision may be subject to reduction, whenever the disposable portion is exceeded. Altogether considered, regarding a significant part of the Romanian literature, the preciput clause has the legal nature of a liberality. Moreover, whether we were to consider liberality, then is it considered donation or legacy? In another train of thoughts, other authors who dealt with the phenomenon discussed here above had labeled this clause as a matrimonial advantage or a partition clause or a settlement of future assets. It has to be stated from the very beginning that, borrowed from French regulation, but modified, this institution arises many issues not only in point of its legal nature, but also in respect of its effects. This study will approach and touch upon every position regarding the legal nature of the preciput clause (provision) and it will inquire into the arguments that stand behind it. Therefore, the article’s aim is to study, as following: a historical perspective of the background of the preciput clause, some aspects in relation to comparative law, concepts, legal nature, compatibility of the preciput clause with the matrimonial regimes (legal community, separation of assets, conventional community), object, recipients, consequences and ineffectiveness occurrences.

Keywords: preciput clause, matrimonial advantage, liberality, matrimonial agreement, partition clause, settlement of future assets.

Cuvinte-cheie: clauză de preciput, avantaj matrimonial, liberalitate, convenție matrimonială, clauză de partaj, donație de bunuri viitoare.
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