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    STUDIA IURISPRUDENTIA - Issue no. 3 / 2014  

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  Abstract:   Some considerations regarding the virtual dimension of distribution networks. The World Wide Web is defined by numerical coding, dematerialization and ubiquity. The Internet has created the possibility of convergence of information and communication technologies that transcend traditional business boundaries, changing the global economic landscape of the 21st century.Due to the impact of the Internet phenomenon, the virtual environment can provide the means to create a true paperless distribution network, among the already complex distribution systems, in order to lower prices, increase consumer protection and ensure fair competition. However, the need to address the legal issue related to this concept raises questions, in order to prevent excessive behaviors, placed under the shelter of the famous "legal void".The e-commerce and the virtual distribution channels create opportunities that empower consumers to be proactive, assertive and less brand loyal. At the same time, the channel structure, seen as a number of intermediates involved in the trade is also an important feature of the market structure. Thus, the high number of intermediaries add significant cost transaction, which is eventually borne by the consumer.Studies show that electronic markets can minimize or eliminate the number of intermediaries, claiming that a direct link will reduce the transaction cost and the final cost of the product. It is thus clear that the Internet offers benefits to both producers and consumers by eliminating intermediaries, which implies a direct threat to traditional intermediaries.This article addresses the issues mentioned above, trying to determine the legal context of the distribution networks in the Internet era. 

Keywords: distribution networks, Internet, competition, e-commerce.
Cuvinte cheie: reţele de distribuţie, internet, concurenţă, comerţ electronic
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