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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 3 / 2012  

  Abstract:  Web Services became widely used in today''s software environment. Almost every distributed software application needs at least one Web Service to enhance its functionality. A distributed application can be easily created by using the WSWrapper component. WSWrapper offers a unique and uniform solution for Web Service implementation and integration. An important component of WSWrapper called WSGenerator is presented. WSGenerator provides a simple and easy to use solution for Web Service proxy generation. The main advantage of this component is the uniform and platform independent interface. For case studies a simple Web Service named HugeIndexOfFiles is defined. This service provides interfaces for the major Web Service types: XML-RPC, SOAP and REST. For each variant the service is described using the standards: XRDL, WSDL and WADL.

Key words and phrases: Web Service, WSWrapper, WSGenerator, Formal description of interfaces.
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