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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 2 / 2014  

Authors:  RADU DRAGOS.
  Abstract:   The constraints of using a particular RDBMS change overtime and a developer might be facing the difficult decision to migrate to another RDBMS. Usually, this is a difficult and time consuming task, during which databases must be converted to the new format and the client software must also be changed to connect to the new database server. If the source code for the client application is not available, this task cannot be performed. This paper advances an original idea of implementing a proxy system that allows a database client software (MySQL) to transparently connect to a diff erent database server (SQLite), without any modi fication in the original application.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classifi cation. 68P15.1998 CR Categories and Descriptors. D.2.12 [Software Engineering]: Interoperability - Data mapping; H.2.3 [Database Management]: Languages - Query languages; H.2.4[Database Management]: Systems - Query processing.

Key words and phrases. sql proxy system, SQLite, MySQL, migrating between RDBMSs.117
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