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    STUDIA INFORMATICA - Issue no. 1 / 2006  

  Abstract:  The paper presents a general, non-recursive definition of lists, in order to be used as a starting point for a uniform analysis of them. A general parameterized abstract data type List is defined, based on the type parameter Position, and type parameter TE (the type of elements contained in the list). By instantiating the parameter Position to the concrete types Index, SNode and DNode we obtained the abstract data types: IndexedList, SinglyLinkedList, and DoublyLinkedList. For them different representa- tions could be considered. This definition that starts from a general parameterized ADT has the advantage of uniform formal introduction of any type of lists. The presenta- tion is open to other possible instantiations of Position parameter. In order to illustrate this, the case of unrolled linked lists is presented. Also, this approach emphasizes the differences between the abstract data types of linked lists and the linked representation of the structures.  
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